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You see, a few weeks ago, before the school-run, I nipped out for a threadlift — known in the cosmetic surgery world as a ‘non-surgical’ or ‘lunchtime’ facelift — at the London clinic of Dr Leah Totton, the 25-year-old winner of 2013’s The Apprentice.It’s said to be the most furtive, discreet and effective facelift of all.

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Then, as I lay on the bed, covered in sterile paper, I could vaguely feel the surgeon, assisted by Dr Leah, injecting a needle — to which the 30cm thread and cones were attached — into the centre of my cheek.

But I became far more receptive to the idea a few months ago when, aged 46, I was shown an alarmingly jowly profile photograph of myself, taken by my ten-year-old daughter Isobel.

I’d not seen myself in profile for some time and struggled with the harsh truth: my face, like the rest of me, was heading south.

And so I made an appointment with Dr Pizzamiglio at Dr Leah’s clinic, in Moorgate, London.

The ten local anaesthetic injections into each side of my face were, I was relieved to discover, the worst part of the whole procedure.

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