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A video has emerged of a man abusing people while begging on the street which has sparked a police investigation.

In the footage the man repeatedly shouts after people and swears at those who refuse to give him change outside Liverpool Central railway station.

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This is located on the first floor above our Ropewalks Practice in Liverpool City Centre. Press the first floor buzzer and ask for the health visitors.

Come and have a friendly chat with the Health Visitor and have your baby weighed / measured. You will be asked to sign in at the reception desk.

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She has been working on Sheil Road for a year to finance her drug habit and carries out sex acts in a destitute house on the so-called strip.

She admitted she had to lower her prices further because of where she was working.

Visibly upset, she said: “The only times somebody opens their arms to me is when dragging me on a bed.” “What’s normal to me is getting up, getting dressed and getting to have sex with a different man day in, day out.” Her housemate Jack, who also has a debilitating drug habit, believes an influx of eastern European sex workers has driven down prices.

The prostitutes operate in the notorious Sheil Road area, where a number of sex workers have been murdered in the last few years. I just watch their backs to be honest with you.” Liam described one night where there were five men were “lined up for £25 - that’s a fiver each.

They face aggressive customers and say they are selling their services for less and less as their prices have been driven down by Eastern European competitors. “To offer £5 is downright bloody insulting.” During the documentary, he is seen fending off an aggressive customer who is harassing a sex worker.

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