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Woman shares heartbreaking photo of her terminally-ill dad crying next to her cancer-ridden daughter, 5, after finding out they will die within weeks of each other "In a few days I'll have to bury this beautiful girl... Photos: "Only fools says there is no God" - Bullet hits young Nigerian man sleeping inside his home, narrowly missing the heart Bright Ugochukwu took to Facebook to share his testimony after he narrowly e ...

Photos: Four 'dog' thieves arrested after selling the animals to DPO of the Police station their theft case was reported to This reportedly took place in Edo state! Angry Nigerian dad calls out private schools for giving students too much homework, says responsibility of teaching has now been shifted to parents An Angry Nigerian dad took to his Facebook page this afternoon to call out t ...

Donna comes off much more patient and understanding than Cleveland's first wife, Loretta, and is more attentive to him as well.

Despite Cleveland's attempts to get Donna to see Robert for what he truly was (a self-centered, irresponsible jerk), Donna ended up marrying Robert shortly after graduation.

In "Pilot" he moves to the town of Stoolbend, Virginia to show his son where he grew up (even though Cleveland was in love with Donna but they were only friends and she did not know it).

Eventually re-sparking his relationship with her, they get married and he and his son move in with her and her two children.

He often acts as the voice of caution when other characters hatch harebrained schemes.

Cleveland's speech is slow and almost elongated in Family Guy, but in The Cleveland Show his voice has a wide variety.

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