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That was almost 20 years ago but times have not really changed.

In 2013, a student at Christ Church took a home-made flamethrower to a bop.

There was a game called “pennying” where you had to down your glass of wine if someone put a penny in it, no questions asked.

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In another, a couple were snogging enthusiastically while stripping each other’s clothes off.

When I looked down, I realised the foam had made my T-shirt entirely see-through.

By the time they get to freshers’ week, most are desperate to let off steam. Any elite institution can foster a sense of entitlement.

Some of my contemporaries at Cambridge came from wealthy, aristocratic backgrounds and never had to struggle for anything.

A Christ Church source said: “People have been taken to hospital directly from the bop due to intoxication.

Each year, freshers at Oxford and Cambridge indulge in a carnival of “bops”, booze and lust-fuelled riots.

The hallowed halls once frequented by prime ministers and royalty play host to scenes of shameless exhibitionism, where anything goes.

“Roughly 95 per cent of it goes on alcohol and at any opportunity — such as the birthday of the college tortoise — they will fund a massive booze-up.

“Last year they spent £1,200 on the cheapest vodka money can buy for one party.” It almost makes me nostalgic.

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