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In the video, Anthony attempts to impress his crush, Anna Reed (Nelson), by trying to do a backflip, but he fails, landing on his face, and resulting in the microphone going in his buttocks.They both decide to pull down the video before it blows Anthony's chances of reconnecting with his crush.When Anthony Padilla chose to leave his incredibly successful You Tube channel Smosh, the first person he told was his partner-in-crime Ian Hecox.“He invited me over to his house and I was like, something feels weird …

As they arrive to their reunion, they discover they are the most famous ones there.

In the process, the other students also start to fight one another.

During the battle, Diri reveals itself to be Steve You Tube, who tells them that sending the two into You Tube was part of his evil scheme to keep them in You Tube forever.

It premiered at LA and in Vidcon before having an official release in the US and UK.

The film was also released on-demand on Vimeo and Netflix.

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