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A game-changer for anyone on the market for bolder, smudge-proof arches, Maybelline's new …Winter is by far the worst season of the year (yes, I WILL fight you on this), but there are a few things that make it more bearable: hot tea, fuzzy socks, good books, and the triumphant return of some of the best shows on TV.If you, like me, are co…I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but none of the jobs I’ve ever worked (so far, at least) have trained me up by sitting me down and having me watch videos.And, second of all, you're going to be pretty psyched about this special deal from Pizza Hut, which will allow you to get tons of pizza — at a discount.Is there any better way …In what's likely one of the worst ways to find out you lost your job, many Sam's Club employees reportedly showed up to work at a store in Huston, Texas on Jan.Sure, you'll need to prepare yourself for all the weird behaviors and situations that tend to come standard with a full moon, but it's much mor…For X-Files fans seeking the truth about the series' future, Scully is here to help.At the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour on Wednesday, Gillian Anderson confirmed she's leaving the X-Files (costume designer: Katrina Mc Carthy). A drugstore favorite brand just dropped something that's actually "swimming on the first date approved," if that's actually a real thing.

Kyler Baughman, who The Po…Banning books has long been considered a harbinger for totalitarianism.

And even though the trailer was a …In a piece published Thursday by the Los Angeles Times, James Franco was accused of sexual misconduct and exploitative behavior by three new women, bringing the total number of women who have made allegations to five.

All five women spoke with the LA…It's time to cue *NSYNC's smash hit "Bye Bye Bye." The upbeat pop jam will lift your spirits over the fact that Lush is discontinuing a slew of products, like the amazing and underrated Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar, the Layer Cake Soap, the 9…Brace yourselves, because if you've been missing the previous presidential administration recently, this video of Barack Obama talking about his "dad moves" will totally make you want to throw it back to 2016 that much more.

If you've been on Tumblr in the last three months, you probably know Steve Harrington's Stranger Things Season 2 arc has turned 25…Actor Emma Watson is a longtime advocate of women’s rights, and has even served as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014, but the actor has had her fair share of constructive feedback over the years about her feminism. All of that is exactly what a recent post by Redditor u/Aquarian_Sage on the r/Ask Women subreddit tackles: What people do and don’t …On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that President Trump, in a meeting with lawmakers, said that Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations are "sh*thole countries" whose citizens shouldn't be allowed to emigrate to the U. Instead, Trump report…Good news: The American Kennel Club just unveiled two new pupper breeds, as if the Internet needs any more excuses to fawn over the goodest boys and girls. It's a pretty weird story that all got started because of a shad…Cities all over the country will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. 15 by holding massive parades, receptions, and days of service in his honor. Day became an official holiday in 1983, 15 years after the civil rights …Ah yes, Trader Joe's.

Specifically, her “white fe…Do you have any regrets about your younger years? The go-to grocery store that is everyone's saving grace.

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