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This article will help you become a successful searcher-- a spelunker of the virtual catacombs of mailboxes, folders, and document libraries.No, Group Wise doesn't ship with a divining rod, an arthritic knee, or a metal detector to help you find what you're looking for.We suggest you narrow your Find by using Advanced Find. Operators are the symbols that represent a mathematical or, in this case, a Find operation. The folder containing the results of your Find is placed in your cabinet (where your other folders are located).By narrowing a Find we mean that you tell Find which field of an item to look in, or which date range to search, and so forth. Graduate-Level Find If you know the info you're looking for is in the CC box of some message, why should you sit through Find's exhaustive search in the message, subject, and To boxes, too? The operators may change according to the field you select. Type in the parameter (what you are looking for), then click OK if you are done. If you want, type a description of the folder's contents in the Description text box. Select Find New Matching Items Each Time the Folder is Opened to run the Find again each time you open the folder. Find folders look like other folders, only with a magnifying glass in front, like this: If you are still undecided about Find's coolness, check out the Find Q&A in the Vault to see two good uses for Find.Find 101 This is the quick-and-easy, get-outta-my-way-and- lemme-find-something search tool known and loved by millions (give or take a few hundred thousand). Find looks in everything specified in the Look In tab (folders, document libraries, etc.) in all fields of all sent and received items (for example, the Subject and Message fields in messages, or Author and Revision Number fields in documents or document profiles).

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As of 2010, RIM is offering the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express edition with no user limitations - for free.If you didn't find what you were looking for, click the Tools menu, then click Modify Find to tailor your Find to more closely fit what you're looking for.If you have a lot of folders, libraries, and messages, the quick-and-easy Find may take longer than you would like. Select a field in the first drop-down list, then select an operator.BPSE provides a "...wireless communications and collaboration solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses." It comes with one CAL (Client Access License) - meaning one Black Berry handheld can be activated on the Server, and you can add up to 29 additional CALs (for a total of 30) or upgrade to Black Berry Enterprise Server at any time.It's only available for Notes and Exchange environments.

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