Gasoleros online dating

The separation of Juan and Ingrid generated several crisis with their 5 children.

Aurora did not trust Félix very much, as he did not initially mention that he was married, delayed in separating from Michelle, and discovered him lying and cheating her at several times. Félix finally separated from Michelle and asked Aurora for marriage.

Osvaldo and Baron reportedly met each other via phone while he was playing in Italy.

Baron told that after the first text message was sent, they talked nonstop.

Finally, Osvaldo made a decision to start a life with her.

He told those he surrounded himself with that he traveled back to Argentina because of a legal issue, but was really meeting Baron.

Solamente vos (Spanish for: Only you) is an 2013 Argentine television comedy starring Natalia Oreiro and Adrián Suar.

Still, Aurora dropped her lover Segundo and revealed Juan his fatherhood, who openly cheated Ingrid with her.

Ingrid finally left the apartment and returned to the original house, and announced that she lost the pregnancy.

She accepted, but still had doubts about him, and escaped from the wedding.

Félix got amnesia in an accident, which was exploited by Michelle to keep him as her husband.

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