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Today, just 70 years after the V2 rocket’s photo session, we've turned our sights toward horizons beyond worlds already visited by robots.

In August 2012, after 35 years of traveling, Voyager 1 left our solar system heading for interstellar space, and in July the following year, the second blue planet man has seen was detected through the Hubble Telescope, 63 light years—596,000 billion kilometers—away.

It takes out all of your carefully crafted openers that never get responses from matches that swiped right on you in a drunken stupor or are just looking for validation and not a date.

Children & Materialism Materialism permeates our everyday life.

Commercials, magazines, and the internet blare societal values that are distinctly worldly, not godly.

As a result, many of us have far more possessions than we actually need or use, and this tendency to accumulate things sends the wrong message to our kids.

This four-session course brings us back to basic truths and helps you grapple with how to teach children biblical values such as sacrifice, generosity, and stewardship in an age of abundance.

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