Campion school havering essex

This is a thank you to your school, teacher or careers adviser who helped you to get where you are now.

Please fill in the fields below, which we will transform into a letter of thanks from you to them.

Parents and pupils often have cause to acknowledge the help and support they have received from their schools, for example in helping in the choice of further education or careers.

Also, with the revolutionary changes to the Student Leadership, we have an ever increasing number of roles for aspiring students to apply for such as Prefect, Head of House and Head Girl or Boy.

Key to this is our excellent support and guidance programme.

All students have a personal tutor to help them through the Sixth Form and to help them out of the Sixth Form into their chosen career or course at university.

The Campion School is an Academy located in the London Region in the local authority of Havering.

In the Sixth Form at Campion we are keen that every student achieves their academic potential.

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