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If someone has a Saradomin godsword and wishes to use it to heal, it would be wise to save it for a minion as they are easier to hit.Armadyl godsword specials should be used on Graardor.The ranged combat skill is highly useful as it gives the player the ability to attack from long ranges with projectiles.This can allow a player to avoid all damage in combat.YOU WILL REQUIRE A HAMMER IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE BANDOS STRONGHOLD.

Graardor has two attacks: A powerful Melee attack which hits upwards of 60 And a Ranged attack which hits all players within the room for up to 35.After you finish killing Graardor, the last person to hit Graardor will be piled by all 3 minions.When this happens, be sure to put on Protect from Range and begin piling on the minions in this order: Sergeant Steelwill (Mage) Sergeant Strongstack (Melee) Sergeant Grimspike (Range) If your Tank has Guthan's, make sure you allow him to heal up using his Guthan's on the Sergeant Grimspike before killing him!The minions here will occasionally drop 3 Chilli potatoes, 2 Sharks, or Kebabs.Distribute these in the same manner as the Super Restores.

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